Wednesday, December 17, 2008


To the person that emailed me this morning saying her husband was acting like a jerk last night. Suck it up a lot of us are married to jerks!!

I made a pot of Navy beans with Ham Hocks yesterday. For the first time ever, I soaked my beans over night. I usually throw my beans in a crock pot without soaking and cook them on high for about 8 hours. After soaking, I found that the beans stayed in form better and didn't get mushy. I cooked them in my crock on low for about 8 hours and they were great for breakfast. Yummy!

With that said, here is what my jerk did.

He digs into the hocks to remove the big pieces of meat, leaving the small meat portion, gristle, bone and fat in the pot. This annoys me because when I go to get a hock it is hollow or there are piecs of his rejects in the pot that I have to scoop out and toss. I just think he's rude for doing this. What is hard about putting a hock in your bowl with your beans and tossing the stuff you won't eat into the garbage? I brought this up to him and he tossed all his beans back into the pot and ate fritos. How grade school is that?

Well, we all have pet peeves and we all break other's pet peeves.

My husband isn't really a jerk, he just acts like a jerk on occasion.

I can be a jerk on occasion too.

If you can't talk about it with your jerk find somewhere else to vent. That's what I do. Get yourself a blog like I did then tell the world how you feel. You will be surprised how many women out there are going through the same thing.