Monday, December 17, 2012

Tree is up!

Had fun putting up the tree awhile back. We don't have children or grandchildren nearby to enjoy the tree but Ben and I enjoy it everyday.

Sometimes I think of the people that have a tree up all year putting ornaments and lighting on it depending on the season. I don't think I could do that tho, it's like turkey, the big bird is usually once a year around here. Not that I don't eat different forms of turkey through the year. I hit the deli for turkey at least once a month!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Journey of the hand

The week of Sept 20, I had 2 surgeries to clean the infection out of my hand. My last post showed the hospital hand and this one shows the leaving the hospital hand with ten stitches instead of two.

I wanted to blog this picture before too much time passes. I am also trying the blogger iPhone app so here goes.

Saturday, September 29, 2012


Another Saturday Night and I ain't got nobody!

I got a relapse with my trigger finger, that involved my 'driving finger' (middle finger) on my dominate hand. The shot I got five years ago didn't work this time around so I got the ligament clipped and went home with pain meds and two stitches. The surgery was the middle of July. By the middle of September I was infected, had two more surgeries and hopefully I will get the twelve stitches removed this upcoming Monday. (Cut and stuffed like a turkey in the above picture.)

While in the hospital I schmoozed with a Major's wife who was in the next bed and two of her friends that had four star generals for husband's. We had a blast, like a girl's night out for being in the hospital. The fact that two of us were on pain killers helped in that scenario.

Speaking of pain meds, time to take one and do my finger exercises. Once the stitches come out I will be able to finish healing because after two weeks they are tight as a drum.

Friday, June 1, 2012

I've been gone too long

Where does time go to? I haven't posted since 2010!!! Good God!

Okay, I have no way to recall what I have done or haven't done in two years.

I got my concealed weapons permit renewed, I remember that because my keychain had mace on it so the guard told me I had to take that back to my car. They also didn't take debit cards so I had to drive to my bank to pull money out. A little trip to get a simple thing fixed. I thought it would take me about half an hour but it turned into a task that took all morning.

I just tried to post a picture but this is from my IPad and the whole thing is just unhappy with it all.

My Granddaughter is growing too fast. I miss her, she lives in Kentucky with her Mom. My other daughter lives in North Carolina but we hardly hear from her, sometimes children really do go away.

I have no family near me but my husband and my goofy dogs. I guess they'll do, they make me laugh like crazy and some days they just make me crazy but I love them LOTS!!

I was reading a persons blog for four days now, she started in 2008. Her name is Twinkie Chan and she crochets some cute things, has a little business going with it but I am still reading 2011 so I have more to find out. She is a sweet girl, find her on Facebook here:

Well, it's after 0220 and I still need to balance my checkbook, so adios for now.