Friday, June 1, 2012

I've been gone too long

Where does time go to? I haven't posted since 2010!!! Good God!

Okay, I have no way to recall what I have done or haven't done in two years.

I got my concealed weapons permit renewed, I remember that because my keychain had mace on it so the guard told me I had to take that back to my car. They also didn't take debit cards so I had to drive to my bank to pull money out. A little trip to get a simple thing fixed. I thought it would take me about half an hour but it turned into a task that took all morning.

I just tried to post a picture but this is from my IPad and the whole thing is just unhappy with it all.

My Granddaughter is growing too fast. I miss her, she lives in Kentucky with her Mom. My other daughter lives in North Carolina but we hardly hear from her, sometimes children really do go away.

I have no family near me but my husband and my goofy dogs. I guess they'll do, they make me laugh like crazy and some days they just make me crazy but I love them LOTS!!

I was reading a persons blog for four days now, she started in 2008. Her name is Twinkie Chan and she crochets some cute things, has a little business going with it but I am still reading 2011 so I have more to find out. She is a sweet girl, find her on Facebook here:

Well, it's after 0220 and I still need to balance my checkbook, so adios for now.