Saturday, September 29, 2012


Another Saturday Night and I ain't got nobody!

I got a relapse with my trigger finger, that involved my 'driving finger' (middle finger) on my dominate hand. The shot I got five years ago didn't work this time around so I got the ligament clipped and went home with pain meds and two stitches. The surgery was the middle of July. By the middle of September I was infected, had two more surgeries and hopefully I will get the twelve stitches removed this upcoming Monday. (Cut and stuffed like a turkey in the above picture.)

While in the hospital I schmoozed with a Major's wife who was in the next bed and two of her friends that had four star generals for husband's. We had a blast, like a girl's night out for being in the hospital. The fact that two of us were on pain killers helped in that scenario.

Speaking of pain meds, time to take one and do my finger exercises. Once the stitches come out I will be able to finish healing because after two weeks they are tight as a drum.