Friday, March 27, 2009


Well now, you will read my last blog and wonder where the second Jerusalem clock went. Hm, aye...I found out how to rid myself of it. LOL! Who knew.

Good-night Sweet family and Friends. The night awaits me. I have plans. Darting on four paws between evergreens...ha-ha!


This picture is my beautiful Grand daughter "G."

"G", is the apple of my eye! When I look at her pictures I just want to hug her and squeeze her, then ply her with kisses! Thank you "C" for the beautiful gift of "G" five years ago, what a great birthday present that year!

I have tried to put my clock on the side and now I have two. I'm laughing about it because I don't know how to change it! I'm not a computer whiz, I knit socks!!

Lately I have been too tired to be online much. I need my yearly blood transfusion. Dang medical insurance criteria is much different from mine.

Friday, March 20, 2009

All in a day's whatever...

At KMart I ran my debit card, entered my pin and went through the whole role. I thought I put the card in my wallet. Well, the purchase got balled up and she said I had to swipe my card again. No card. Looking through everything as the line gets longer. Finally I said I'd write a check. As that is processing I'm wondering if I left the card at home, after making some online purchases this morning? Did I swipe my blue Chevron card accidentally and I left the debit at home. "Oh God that be true."

While this sale went on a woman with two small children went pass me. So, I think shoot did she swoop in and take it when it dropped on the floor. Plus she was standing behind me in line for awhile. What if she saw me punch in my pin number?? I have to get home to search.

I run into my neighbor. Then I ran into my second neighbor.

I get home and tear the bedroom apart. Call the bank to report a possible theft. Yes, that woman snookered me big time. I have to wait ten days for a new card and go check my bank account for the next few days and it is now a hot card. I put Ben's card through the shredder.

I got these cute blouses for $3.99 each! And, I had to get a new cassette player/CD player to listen to audio books. On the bottom of the bag was my debit card smiling at me.

But, I wondered if that woman had swiped my card!? I told Ben I was so happy it wasn't that woman. I always say the only exercise I get is jumping to conclusions.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I finished the Pillow!!

I finished my Candy Corn Pillow. He's a cutie isn't he? My daughter already called "dibbs," so as soon as I find a box for him, he is on his way to Louisville, Kentucky. I'm sure as soon as my daughter "C" gets him, my Grand daughter "G" will take over as his owner. (Just a hunch.)

In other news, we had snow again. Someone sure ticked off mother nature! We don't have buds on the trees yet nor one wild daffodil sprouting up anywhere. We did have icicles this morning. Reality, what a concept!!

I'm working on a couple things right now in the crafts department. I'm knitting "G" a hooded sweater, crocheting a toilet paper cover (while getting used to ergonomic crochet hooks-they are fabulous!) and starting an afghan on my biggest loom. I am also pondering what loom to use for some puppy pads and blankets for the local animal shelter and dachshund rescue.

That's all the news at the moment. I am married to a very wonderful man that I don't appreciate as much as I should. He is one of the best things that has ever happened to me.