Wednesday, December 17, 2008


To the person that emailed me this morning saying her husband was acting like a jerk last night. Suck it up a lot of us are married to jerks!!

I made a pot of Navy beans with Ham Hocks yesterday. For the first time ever, I soaked my beans over night. I usually throw my beans in a crock pot without soaking and cook them on high for about 8 hours. After soaking, I found that the beans stayed in form better and didn't get mushy. I cooked them in my crock on low for about 8 hours and they were great for breakfast. Yummy!

With that said, here is what my jerk did.

He digs into the hocks to remove the big pieces of meat, leaving the small meat portion, gristle, bone and fat in the pot. This annoys me because when I go to get a hock it is hollow or there are piecs of his rejects in the pot that I have to scoop out and toss. I just think he's rude for doing this. What is hard about putting a hock in your bowl with your beans and tossing the stuff you won't eat into the garbage? I brought this up to him and he tossed all his beans back into the pot and ate fritos. How grade school is that?

Well, we all have pet peeves and we all break other's pet peeves.

My husband isn't really a jerk, he just acts like a jerk on occasion.

I can be a jerk on occasion too.

If you can't talk about it with your jerk find somewhere else to vent. That's what I do. Get yourself a blog like I did then tell the world how you feel. You will be surprised how many women out there are going through the same thing.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

In 1953 Swanson invented the TV dinner after aquiring a plethora of frozen turkeys. Fifty-five years ago and we were changed in the way we would eat from then on.

Food, football, chilly weather and the smell of snow in the air. God is good. Grab your afghans, wrap up and enjoy the weekend!

How do you celebrate Thanksgiving? Is it just the one day or are you the "weekender?" We're "weekenders." Leftovers, football, new "Monk" and "Psych." Christmas movies, old movies, any movies.

Many of my friends have already experienced snow fall. Lucky friends that they are.

The annual White House tradition of pardoning a turkey before Thanksgiving began in 1947, when President Harry Truman took pity on one lucky fowl.

Somewhere there is a picture here of Turducken. Like Russian nesting dolls, a turkey stuffed with a duck worked with a chicken. Then there is Tofurkey but this woman don't go there.

Have a great weekend!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Safety Precautions for Deep Fried Turkey because I love U

"This is for any dear friends that decide to deep fry their bird this year. Last year a friend of mine dropped the turkey in a fryer that had too much oil. The fryer over flowed. The pot was on fire, the table was on fire. They kicked the pot over and ended up with a 20 foot circle of burnt grass with a turkey covered in dirt. When the fire went out the dog grabbed the turkey and ran off, they ended up having Chinese. LOL We can laugh about it now."

In an effort to inject some variety in their Thanksgiving meals, some home chefs are choosing to use outdoor propane deep fryers as a different way to prepare their turkey dinner. This is a cooking method popular in the southern United States that has been featured on several cooking TV shows and has spread northward. Hillsboro Fire & Rescue encourages citizens to follow turkey fryer directions carefully and use extreme caution for several reasons:

• When filled, many outdoor fryer units can easily tip over spilling the hot oil
• If the pot is overfilled, the oil may spill out producing a flash fire
• Partially frozen turkeys placed in hot oil can produce a violent eruption splashing hot oil out of the pot
• With most units having no thermostat to regulate temperature, turkey fryers can continue to heat the oil to combustion temperatures
• The sides and handles of the pot get dangerously hot

If you choose to deep fry your turkey, follow these safety tips to help ensure you have a safe Thanksgiving meal:
• Follow the manufacturer's instructions for use
• Never overfill the fryer with oil
• Keep an all purpose (ABC) fire extinguisher nearby when the fryer is in use – Remember, water and hot oil do not mix!
• Ensure your turkey is thoroughly thawed in the refrigerator prior to use (thaw at least 24 hours in the refrigerator for every five pounds of turkey)
• Always position your turkey fryer outdoors on solid ground or concrete away from your home
• Never place your turkey fryer on a wooden deck, under a carport or in a garage
• Keep children and pets away from the fryer during and for several hours after use as the oil can remain dangerously hot for a lengthy time
• Never leave the fryer during use since they do not have a thermostat and can heat oil past its ignition temperature
• Use well-insulated oven mitts or potholders to handle the pot or lid

Friday, November 21, 2008

Tried a Subway Spicy Sub

After spending most of the morning at Madigan Army Medical Center and having to fast for blood tests, I was starving. Well, not starving but very hungry, you know where I'm coming from. I discovered the hospital added a Subway sandwich shop. (There is also an Anthony's Pizza that has been there forever. The Hot Dog place has been closed and replaced with a Sushi Shop.) A woman I met in Endocrinology and I decided to share one of Subways $5.00 foot long subs. We got the spicy sub with tomatoes, black olives, pepperocinis (however that's spelled), tomatoes, parmesan cheese, mozzerella, pepperoni, salami, oregano, oil and vinegar; on toasted garlic bread. Wow, did that hit the spot! The bread was light, the vegetables crisp and there was a nice tang to every bite. We asked the foot long be cut into four pieces and of course there was a piece left for us later for dinner too. Definitely a bang for the buck.

I enjoy meeting people and this nice lady was from Texas was a breath of fresh air. We discussed our grown children, our retired husbands, Sarah Palin, etcetera, etcetera. This is the first time I ever shared lunch with a stranger but it was refreshing and fun.