Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Eating Fritos at 4AM

Wow, I stayed up all night messing around on the computer and listening to rock and roll.

I fried chicken for Skully at midnight and made gravy too!

Yesterday we had a thunderstorm that lasted about half an hour. That is very unusual for southwestern Washington. Usually we get a thunder about once a year. And lightening is an anomaly. I miss the thunderstorms back in Illinois. I never lived in a place that didn't have thunderstorms until we moved to Chehalis, WA. I'm willing to move anywhere that get some good storms. I like when the thunder is so massive the whole house shakes. Bring it on!!

We are finally into spring. It's hard to believe that we had snow a few weeks ago. I know it's spring because I have mowed the lawn twice now.

I also planted some Pocket Book flowers, Zinnias and two pine tree type plants. One is like a shrub. I have to get plants that will do okay in partial sun because we have so many trees around the house. I need to find a plant that will thrive in no sun light at all; for under the Hazelnut trees. It is totally bald under those trees.